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Become an empowered college graduate

Earn your degree with a proven, flexible online degree format for adult & Online Learners


Be ready for the next promotion

Do you feel stuck? Stop missing opportunities. Gain confidence and reach your full potential!

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Keep your full-time job

  • Begin or complete your degree
  • Take one class at a time for 5 weeks
  • One class session per week 6-10 pm
  • On-campus, online or hybrid online
  • Online classes offered live or self-directed
  • Choose from 14 degrees
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Professional Training

All courses are taught by adjunct instructors that work in the field they teach.

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Earn a promotion

Combine your work experience with a college degree and you will be ready for the next promotion opportunity.

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Inspire Your Family

Provide for your family and inspire them to reach their full potential through your example.


We can help!

Our PACE program fits your busy life

We understand that you can't quit your full-time job to earn your college degree. This is why we created our Professional Adult College Education program (PACE) 20 years ago and have helped over 1400 adults earn their degree while working a full-time job.


We help transform lives

Here are a few stories.... 

"I was a terrible student! I graduated at 39 years old." - Adam Bledsoe

"I was able to continue working full-time and become an online student" - Matthew Carter

"After my deployment I found the PACE program a got serious about finishing my degree" - Amy Schults

"PACE gives me the time I need to complete my degree and move up in my company"- Nancy Sims

"I haven't been to school in over 35 years. A bachelor's degree has helped me in my ministry." - James Garrison 

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How much is it costing you to not have a college degree?

College graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates over their lifetime, and the income gap between the highest-paid college majors and the lowest-paid is more than $3 million dollars - Study by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

  • Credit hour cost: $460
  • Full-time semester cost: $5,520 (4 courses/12 credit hours)
  • NO FEES*

99% of our students receive some level of CBC scholarships, state grants and/or federal aid!

* Does not apply to activity classes or lab fees, they are very nominal. Books are offered new, used, for rent, or e-books through cbctextbooks.com and can save up to 80%


Get Started

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Schedule a meeting

Meet with a Personal Enrollment Counselor to ask questions, determine your goals, expectations and financial plan.

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Apply for Admission

Once accepted, your Personal Enrollment Counselor will help you pick the classes you need. They will also be your advisor until you graduate!

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Enroll in your classes

Once our financial aid team works with you to apply your aid package, you can pay in full or set up payment arrangements before classes begin.

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Stop getting passed over for promotions

Prepare to reach your full potential in the PACE program

Don't wait! You need a college degree but don't have the time.

The PACE degree program exists for you and it's your time!

With a proven format to fit your busy schedule, refined over 20 years, so you can earn your degree while working full-time and be ready for the next promotion.


Not Ready to Apply?

Schedule a meeting with a Personal Enrollment Counselor

We are here to answer your questions and guide you in a way that helps you succeed. We want to help you just like it has helped 1400+ adult students reach their education and career goals.  

In fact, all of our PACE Admissions Team are PACE graduates!

  • Hear how the accelerated in-class, online or hybrid class models work
  • Learn when the 8 registration periods occur each year
  • Ask questions about the available degrees
  • Request to set up a conversation with a faculty member